Thursday, November 18, 2010

Life in Semesters

At age eight, I recorded this entry on August 30th —“Today I bought more dry ice. This is the first day I have homework.” Profound, no? I also doubt the dry ice had any connection to my homework. I have always had a need to write things down and for most of my life education has been part of my daily experience. One of the best things about being involved in education is tracking time in semesters. New beginnings come more frequently and there are more opportunities for setting ‘New Year’ type resolutions. This blog is tied to some of the new goals (and whatever you would call things you want to stop doing) that I have set for myself this semester. Mainly I am hoping it will be a more focused space to tinker with ideas about international mental health, education and other areas tied with being a person & professor working in Mexico (and India and Cambodia and elsewhere). 
I still think dry ice is cool. I wonder where I can buy it in Mexico City? 

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