Saturday, August 2, 2014

2nd of August, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #37:

  I am going to be writing for yesterday because I was not able to blog and tonight I will write for today. Well yesterday was the final day of the Immersion program. It was really weird going in to today knowing it was the last day. It started off with me being able to sleep in and so we were able to head to work later. Not because I slept in but because I din't have spanish or anything so we were able to sleep in and head to school at 10:00. When we arrived I started on my slideshow that I created of this year's Immersion program. I worked on that for while and then my uncle had to leave to do some therapy work. So I ended up working on that for almost 2 hours and then I headed out with the language school director to the metro stop. There we met the students to head out to this place called the Ciudadela. It is one huge block (street block) that is full of artesian goods and souvenirs and such. There I was able to get some cool stuff for my friends and family. We stayed there for two hours and I was able to hang out with the students. I was really sad that it was one of my last chances to hang out with them. I have grown so close to all of them so it was really hard. 
  After shopping we went back and I got some photos developed for my uncle so he can hang them up. It took a super long time so by the time I was done he was barely finishing his work. So during that little time before he came back I was able to make him a thank you card with a picture of him and I on the front. So now he doesn't only have stuff on his fridge from my sister and cousins. Now I get to be on the wonderful fridge of excellence. After giving him his gifts we went out for a walk to the travel agency type thing and we were able to purchase our tickets for Acapulco. When we were done we only had enough time to head home get changed then go to their hotel to wait for the Taxi's. So we did just that. When we got to the hotel we had to wait a little long for the Taxi's. It was a really nice dinner though because everybody was dressed up all fancy for the final dinner. When we got there they had Mariachi's playing and a whole bunch of funny signs all over. I really enjoyed my time being with them and the food was really good so it made the night even better. After dinner we sat and talked and took pictures and got some really good dessert. It was such a great night, but it was so hard in the end to leave everyone because like I said before I have grown so close to these people and I spent everyday with them for 5 weeks and pretty much all day. I love them all so much and I am so very fortunate to have been apart of this program this year. I am so happy I met all of these wonderful people and I was able to have this experience. I hope I will be able to see all of them again because even though some of them are like 10 years older than me they are still my friends. They have made this experience so great for me and I just want to say Amanda, Cindy, David, Jenni, Jose, Kortney, Leticia, Miranda, Monte, Sarah, Sofia, Susan, Vania, and my uncle Jason, I love you all and I am so happy I got to spend my summer with you. This was an unforgettable summer and I hope I will be seeing you all again!

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