Thursday, June 26, 2014

26th of June, 2014
Mexico Blog Day #1:
Today was my first time going out of the United States. I had a very interesting day today and encountered some interesting people. When I got off my first flight and landed in Houston I noticed that the people here in the South were not as friendly as they are back home in the North West. I bumped in to many people and apologized but i never heard anything back except the occasional groan. When I boarded my flight to Mexico I realized almost everyone spoke either spanish and english or just spanish so it was hard to communicate with the other passengers because I am not fluent in spanish. After I got off the plane I had a pretty easy experience going through immigration even though I apparently filled out my immigration form incorrectly and on my nationality I wrote down that I was Afghan and Colombian but I needed to write that I was from the U.S so I had to re-do my form. Later I realized every time someone spoke to me in spanish if i said "hablo ingles" I would be directed to someone who spoke english or that person spoke english as well as spanish. Soon after getting through immigration I met my uncle and we took a taxi, this was a very interesting experience because in Mexico they do not have strict driving laws and I felt the Taxi driver was driving like how someone would drive in the video game Grand Theft Auto because he was cutting people off left and right, drove through red lights and never signaled. As we were driving I realized how lucky I am to live in the United States and not see graffiti on every street and the roads filled with garbage and such. I was happy to get home and see a place i recognized because of the many Skype calls with my uncle. Later that night we went walking to go eat tacos and I saw many dogs of all shapes and sizes, many people smoking, kids playing futbol, and a lot of cars not caring about traffic signals and people walking through the street. As we arrived to the restaraunt I saw a lot of bee hive shaped balls of meat and a lot of televisions streaming futbol games, highlights and interviews. As we ate I had some delicious tacos and now taco bell will never be the same for me.

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