Sunday, June 29, 2014

29th of June, 2014
Intern Shareef's blog #4: 
  Today we went to watch the fútbol game; Mexico vs Netherlands. It was a very intense match with Mexico scoring in the first three minutes of the second half. Mexico dominated the Netherlands pretty much the whole game but in the end of the second half the dutch scored and soon after that got a penalty (that in my opinion should not have been given) and ended up winning the game. It was a really sad sight to see, everyone was very disappointed and angry. It was very interesting to see so many people upset over a fútbol game and the loss created a very dreary vibe. After the game my uncle took me to go see the Ángel de indepedencia because that is where many people gather after Mexico wins but not very many people were there, there were a few chanting and singing but not much.

         After looking around we went to the mall to go eat and my Uncle, like the past few times, made me order my own food in Spanish. I do not like having to talk in Spanish when I can only speak very little. I get very nervous and don't want to mess up and have the person I'm talking to not be able to understand me. When I get nervous it is not a pretty sight, because I forget everything that I am supposed to do or say, for example the cashier asked me "¿Tu nombre?" which translates to "What is your name?" and I knew that but I was getting so nervous that I forgot and was getting very scared. It makes me so angry when I have to order my food but I know he won't to it for me so he is making me learn the hard way which is good in some ways but not good at all in others. 

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