Friday, June 27, 2014

27th of June 2014
Intern Shareef's Mexico Blog Day #2: 

Today I was my uncle's servant and I was put to work and treated very poorly and worked in very poor working conditions. I was called a bull and a servant, it was a very long day it started off with taking the metro it was very crowded and I bumped in to very many people. As well as almost falling down completely while trying to pick up a bag when the metro was stopping. When we got off the metro we went to the zocalo and saw very many people selling little trinkets as well as clothing items somewhat like a saturday market but everyone was on the ground selling their stuff on little two inch high tables. Tradesmen were also sitting on the streets looking for labor and giving their assistance to the public. We bought these journals for the students that were about 3 pounds each and we bought 15 of them and I had to carry them the whole way back to the university until we walked through the front entrance where my uncle took over so it didn't look like he was making me be his personal burro. When we walked inside I was introduced to many people and I was put to work almost straight away my first task of the day was to organize Uncle Jason's 150+ books by alphabetical order from the authors last name. 

During the middle of me organizing I was asked to go take boxes into another room and when I walked through the outdoor hallway to the room and I could smell the pungent odor of the fecal dust. It was one of the most horrid things I had smelt in a very long time! Something today I learned is that my Uncle Jason will make me go buy him stuff in a (to me) foreign country where I do not speak the language that everybody speaks.

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