Saturday, June 28, 2014

28th of June, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #3:
  Today was a very fun somewhat relaxing kind of day. It all started with me waking up at 10:00 and my uncle bothering me all day about how I woke up at noon. "I thought you were dead" were the first words that came out of his mouth this morning, even though I was up watching a movie until 2:00 last night and it's not my fault I didn't fall asleep like him. Later that day we went to this Colombian restaurant for a late breakfast kind of like a brunch. When we first got there we ate this cheese bread that was shaped like a donut that was called pondebono. It was so delicious. I was also ordered this Colombian soda called a Pony Malta and it was flavored malt. It was the most gross soda I had ever tasted, it tasted like this very gross cooking ingredient with a rabbit dressed up in a suit on the front of the bottle (I can not remember the name of it at the moment.) When my meal came out it was so delicious. It had bread, spanish rice with beans and sunny side up eggs on top. It was a very traditional Colombian breakfast, which is cool because I was able to try breakfast from my ethnic background. We also bought Colombia jerseys, a red and blue one but my uncle Jason was very kind and also got me the yellow jersey some place else because they weren't selling them at the Colombian restaurant. After we got changed with our Colombia jerseys expressing our Colombian love loud and proud we went back home to watch the Chile vs Brasil game. That was a very upsetting game with Brasil winning over a penalty kick shootout. When my Uncle woke up we went out to go watch the Colombia vs Uruguay game at a restaraunt filled with Colombian people! It was a very cool experience, everyone was wearing their Colombia jerseys and were all very excited for this match. It is very interesting looking at Colombians. It is usually very hard to tell if someone is Colombian because they come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. You will find some Colombians to be very light skinned and others very dark skinned, in Oregon someone like me doesn't really "fit in" with everyone else because they are all Caucasian and there are few dark skinned people, but here I felt like I fit in more because everyone was very different but still all the same. This restaurant was filled with all types of Colombians so it was very cool to see all the different Colombians right in front of me. The game started off pretty good. The Colombians had most possession and were dominating the Uruguayans around the end of the second half James Rodriguez scored one of the most beautiful goals I have ever seen.

The Colombians went wild after that goal screaming at the top of their lungs, knocking chairs over, doing the traditional celebration dance.

It was so cool being around so many Colombians. I felt like I was really getting to experience different cultures instead of just the good ol' Americans from the U.S. In the end the Colombians won 2-0 and there was a big party where people were celebrating in the street blocking almost all traffic, cheering, jumping on cars, dancing and making a lot of noise with their whistles and horns and many other things. It was so cool to see so many people celebrating over a fútbol win because that will rarely happen in the U.S because soccer is somewhat looked down upon. So it was very cool for me to have that experience with the sport I love the most. During that celebration my uncle thought it would be funny if I took pictures with some ladies to make my mom angry.
So in the end I had a very fun day with my Uncle definitely not as fun as being a servant all day!

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