Thursday, July 10, 2014

10th of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #15:
  Wow today was a very interesting day. Where do I start? Let's see I will start off with breakfast. Today started off as a normal day I got up, got dressed, took a shower, and headed downstairs. Then my uncle started making breakfast and he cooked the turkey bacon first and let me eat it while it was still hot. Then he started cooking the vegetables for our omelette and went in to the fridge and realized there were no more eggs. So we just ate the omelette ingredients minus egg. It wasn't very good eating these vegetable with out egg and it was weirdly spicy without egg. So we just went to the school and had breakfast across the street and were joined by Kortney and Susan. It was also nice because my spanish class was set 30 minutes later than usual because the professor had an appointment so we got to sit, chat, and eat for a bit longer than what we would have. Anyways after spanish class we had a LGBTTTI (which is Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transexual Transvestite Transgender and Intersexual) panel. So we talked to a few people who had some of these sexualities and it was very interesting to hear all of their stories. As we discussed I kept thinking about how these people are really not very different than anyone else. The only thing that makes them different is who they are attracted to but that isn't even anybody else's business besides their own. I mean why is it that they have to explain who they are to people and have to say that they are gay but we don't have to explain ourselves and say that we are straight. I think it is a very interesting topic and I do not know why these people have to be discriminated for who they are.
  After that I went to go excersise in the park with Leticia and on our way it was very weird because I saw this girl staring at me when I looked at her and we were making really weird eye contact and I started feeling weird so I looked away. Then I looked back and she was still staring at me, and we were walking in her direction so when we got to her I told her I only spoke a little bit of spanish. So in the end she was just trying to hit on me and apparently like "fell in love with me" when she saw me and wanted to talk to me and say hi. It felt really weird because it is rare for a girl to come up to a guy back home (that they have never met) and try to flirt with them. So it was very interesting and really weird but it was cool I guess. 

  When we started working out we ended up doing a lot of like push-ups and planks and burpees and stuff and this guy there with a remote control car kept running in to us and we thought he was just trying to entertain the kids but he kept doing it and messing around and in the end it was just a like prank show and were gonna be on TV in december on this show called like Impractical Jokers but the s. So that's cool but also weird that I didn't notice any of the cameras that aren't ever in the park until after we were told we were on a hidden camera. 
So it was a very different day for me already. Two really weird things within two hours. We then headed back home and Leticia had to teach so my uncle and I watched Quinn and Briella and we had a good time for the most part. Then when we headed back to campus I was walking and notice my pants had ripped so I walked around for a while with ripped pants. It was really uncomfortable and I tried my best to hide it. Especially when we went to dinner and it was really bright inside. So in the end I had some weird uncomfortable experiences today.

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