Monday, July 21, 2014

21st of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #26:

  Today I went back to spanish class, even though it was only 2 days ago, it felt like longer. It was nice to go again because I am learning more and more everyday. After class we had a discussion (my uncle blogged about before) on art. It was really good and really interesting but I had already known at least half of it so it wasn't all really "new" information to me. During the discussion I felt so bad though, because I was so exhausted. Last night I did not get good sleep so it didn't help being in a dark room talking about things I already knew. Once we finished that I went to lunch with a couple of the students. We went to this place called casa de toño. It is supposed to be a really popular restaurant in mexico city but there wasn't anything too special about it to me. As soon as we got there it took like 5 minutes to get a table even though there were many empty tables. Then when we sat down nobody would talk to us or say anything at all. Then when we finally ordered the waiters started to wrestle and were really out of line. So the service was pretty bad, and then when we got our food it wasn't anything special. I ordered floutas and I had them at a different place before and they were much better elsewhere. So overall it wasn't very satisfying but it was only 75 pesos for 3 floutas and two drinks, so it was a good deal. After that I took the students to go get ice cream but I didn't get any. Then I headed back to campus and my uncle said he was going to go out to eat. So I went again, we had sushi with Leticia, Quinn, and Briella. It was pretty good even though Leticia and my Uncle were disappointed because the wasabi wasn't spicy. I thought it was pretty good though much better than my meal 30 minutes previous to that meal. 
  After we got done me, Letcia, and the kids went to a type of saturdays market but it is everyday. They had so much stuff there it was really neat! So I got a bracelet for one of my friends that says Mexico and has Mexico's colors on it, and when we were leaving I saw these records and my uncle has a record player so I wanted to get him one of the band he always talks about to me. "The Beatles" I had to look at three different places to find an album and luckily the guy had a lot to choose from so Leticia and I got him one that came with two albums. It was mostly Leticia because I only had one-third of the money. After the market place we went back to campus and soon after that headed home. Later that night we went to the pizza groove to go do the language exchange but when we got there none of the students were there. So we went home because I felt that it was more important to hang out with my uncle because I have a limited amount of time left with him. When we got home we watched some movies and he made some pretty good tacos.

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