Saturday, July 5, 2014

5th of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #10:
  Wow today will be very hard to describe in words. Today started off with all of us going to breakfast at Casa Luna. I ordered scrambled eggs and it was pretty good, nothing too special but it was good. After breakfast we went to the pyramid of Malinalco. It was about a twenty five minute hike up but it was very beautiful. We could see many mountains and we could see the whole entire town that we are staying in. It was a very beautiful sight to see, we also learned more about the pyramids and how it was a very sacred place and this one area was like entering the mouth of a snake. It is very hard to explain but it was a very astonishing sight to see and the pyramid was amazing especially because it was made in ancient times by hand, without any cranes or building supplies or anything. After our journey to the pyramids we headed back to the hotel and got changed for Temezcal. The Temezcal is a place where you go to be with mother nature. We all went in to this little brick hut that had no windows. It did have a pit at the top to let air in and out but other than that when you close the door it is pitch black. So we all entered this little brick hut and in the middle there was a pit that was placed with heated, fiery rocks with herbs on the top. It smelt so good kind of like an herbal, mint type of tea plant. When we all entered it was very peacful and pitch black. The Temezcal has "4 doors" each door [part-taking] to the four elements (earth, wind, fire and water) After each door more fire rocks would be set in. During the doors at certain points we would say how we feel and we would talk and sing and at this point I am not sure how I could keep explaining the Temezcal because I would need to write a whole entire book to be able to explain it.

 Anyways after the Temezcal I was in the mood for some U.S candy (for my uncle specifically Snickers) so Jose and I went out searching for some. We went to a couple different stores but had no luck finding snickers it was really weird because I thought I had seen some at a shop we were at earlier that day. So we kept searching until we got to one shop where they had CRUNCH but no Snickers. So we bought a CRUNCH as well as a mexican type of Snickers. It was still pretty good tasting though. Anyways I had a very eventful, powerful, peaceful, meaningful day.

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