Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Intern Shareef's Blog #13:

8th of July, 2014
 Intern Shareef's Blog #13:
  This Morning I was able to sleep in a little bit and relax. Even though this morning was relaxing the rest of the day made up for it. I started off with Spanish class like usual and I am super excited because I am starting to learn new things and we are taking a field trip tomorrow (more details tomorrow.) Then we did a type of exam wear the Londres students (or under-grads) had to go to different stations called an OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) My job was to get all the under-grad students and interview them each con uno pregunta (one question.) Some of them spoke english but others didn't so I had to try my best to talk to them in Spanish with the help of Lesly. Anyways the questions were: 1. What's the most important thing to understand about Mexico and why? 2. Who is the most famous Mexican person/figure that people should know about and why? 3. What are some common stereotypes about Mexicans? I got many similar answers but also some were pretty different so it was good. For the first question many people had said that the culture is very important as well as the food. For the second question many people had said Frida Kahlo (which my uncle thought was very interesting for different reasons), and for the last one many people said Mariachi's because that's what a lot of people think that is all Mexico is (Mariachi's and Tacos.) I was really angry in the end because I ended up recording all of them in slow motion but I can fix it on the computer. After that I went to go have lunch with Jennifer, Amanda, Sarah, Roberto, and another Amanda. It was really fun and we went to this place called WOK-BOX it is kind of like a subway but with rice and noodle and vegetables and other ingredients. It was very delicious and it is now on my recommended list. When we got back I had some work to do; first I cleaned Lesly's closet with the help of her assistants, and we had to box up all of the food for the homeless shelter and organize it. Then after that I went to Vania's office and had to organize all of these folders (by Alphabetical order) that were wet because when there was a flood and they all got soaked. So that took a long time but it was okay because in the middle my uncle took me out for a break to go watch the second half of the Germany vs Brazil game and it was a very intense match with Brazil putting up a decent fight but not being able to finish. In the end Germany won 7-0 and I was so happy but I also felt bad for the Brazillian fans who had to go through that and watch all of that pain. 
Later that night we went to the TuriBus and saw all over the city and even though I have pretty much been all over before it was still very cool and a pretty sight to see in the evening high off the ground. When we got off we got off at the Angel of Independence and took lots of pictures there and it was very fun. In the end today was a very good, long, fun, interesting day.

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