Thursday, July 17, 2014

17th of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #22:
  This morning was nice because I was able to wake up a bit later than usual but it stunk because I went to bed later than usual. That's what is probably going to happen tonight too. Anyways after I got up we got ready and headed to campus. Then I had spanish class, and it was fun but I was so tired so it gets really tiring sometimes. After spanish I was lying on the ground and my uncle said "Get up, i've got work for you." Which wasn't bad because I actually was doing something to help. What I did was find a whole bunch of articles on street theater, therapy, and theater of the oppressed. It was very interesting I was able to find a few articles in the time that I had. For example: Theater of the Oppressed for preventing HIV or sexual violence in relationships from middle school to college.  

As I was looking through I got a notification on my phone saying that one of my favorite soccer players James Rodriguez might be getting transferred to my favorite soccer team Real Madrid with my other favorite player Cristiano Ronaldo. It is so cool because there is a very high chance that he will be sold for 63 million euros. It is so crazy because they are getting so many new players and they are starting to build more of a dream team. While I was multi-tasking during work the internet went down so I couldn't do any more work online or read about the soccer transfers. So my uncle had me clean out his drawers that were so messy! It wasn't very hard though because I just set it in different piles but time went by and we had to leave before I could finish so I have to wait until tomorrow to finish. When we headed home it started raining really bad but my uncle had to pay a bill so we walked to the place, and apparently the lady had left early so we couldn't pay it so we walked in the rain soaking wet for nothing and we also had to walk all the way home too! Once we arrived we changed and just hung out for a while while I watched the rest of a show I didn't get to finish. 

We headed out to the Auditorio Nacional to meet Professor Deb and her family to go watch The Illusionists. It was this really cool magic show with 7 different magicians who come together and perform! The Illusionists are "The Master Magician," "The Inventor," "The Warrior," "The Inventor," "The Manipulator," and "The Futurist." During the show The Warrior was picking volunteers and it was so cool because we were sitting in the second row, so he came up to us and picked my uncle. (This is the trick he did > ) The trick he did was really cool and made me so happy he was picked because he was hoping that I would get picked on one when they were speaking spanish and I didn't know what they were saying but instead he got picked. My favorite performers were The Manipulator and The Futurist because The Manipulator did some really awesome illusions with cards and such. The Futurist also did really well because one trick her transported himself from one side of the stage to the other and I did not know how he did it so I was very impressed. We got these awesome seats because Professor Deb has a connection with this guy named Simon who was the producer of the whole show and he was a super nice guy! I was really thankful I got to meet him because he is really nice and connected so it was cool to hear all these stories about the show and other shows he has done in the past and what he might be doing in the future. After the show we went to dinner and I had a chicken pasta which was pretty delicious and my uncle got Octopus and of course I had to try it and it was most definitely not as good as my chicken pasta but it was okay. 

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