Tuesday, July 15, 2014

15th of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #20:
  Today started off as usual I got up, ate breakfast, then got on the metro bus, and went to spanish. I am noticing that my mornings are very routine. It's good to have a routine every once in a while I guess though. After class I worked on a project for the end of the immersion program. My uncle was working so I had to keep busy for a while. When he was done with working we went out to lunch with Leticia and her children. It was at this little restaurant that was very cramped and the eating table was about the size of two elementary school desks. It was very uncomfortable fitting five people at this tiny table. The food was pretty good though, I started off with a cream of Broccoli soup which was delicious especially with bread. The next dish was kind of like a big sandwich. It had chicken, lettuce, bread, and two types of sauces, one was spicy, one was not. For dessert we had bananas mixed with some sort of banana cream. After lunch we went home and my uncle took a nap so I caught up on this show Teen Wolf that I had missed the past three weeks. After watching that my uncle went to go write at a little restaurant nearby so he didn't get distracted. When he left I watched the movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes. It was such a good movie and was a somewhat sad but touching movie. I would highly recommend it to anyone who needs a good movie to watch. I am happy I watched it now too because the next one comes out pretty soon and it had really good reviews. 
  When my uncle arrived back home we went to the mall next to his house to go eat, but before we went to eat I checked out this electronics store to see the difference in price of things in Mexico to the U.S. I noticed the electronics are much more expensive here like the video games converted to dollars would be around sixty or seven dollars and there was a dramatic change in consoles like the Xbox One
. I was very surprised, I was hoping it would be cheaper but I guess if I want cheap electronics I will have to find another country. After we left the store my uncle asked if I wanted to get my haircut so I did. It was nice and bad at the same time because now it feels good to let my head can breath a bit more but I also feel like I look a lot younger and that is not good. Until I turn 25 I want to look older not younger! Oh well I guess it will grow back. When I was finished we went upstairs to get food but almost every place was closed except for McDonalds and this chinese food place. We decided to get Chinese and it was kind of like a wannabe Panda Express but it still tasted okay. The only thing that bothered me was the egg roll's vegetables were kind of cold and hard. When we got home I ate and watched some shows and then started blogging.

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  1. This is my first attempt at writing anything with my pen name of Steelbutt.
    I feel the blog I just read is pretty much about searching for something to put in your mouth and swallow....Did your uncle eat breakfast with you?.Did your uncle eat again with you and Leticia? When your uncle went to the restaurant to write, did he eat again? Did he actually eat at the mall again after you went to the electronic store? When you got home and ate again,did your uncle eat with you?....I' like to see the size of his tape worm!!!