Saturday, July 19, 2014

19th of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's blog #24:
  Well today wasn't really an intern Shareef kind of day. It was more like Shareef finally get's to be a 15 year old boy and doesn't have to work or dress in a shirt and tie. This morning I woke up at 7:30 not on purpose though so it kind of stunk and I was kind of tired through out the day. When I got up I took a really long time to get ready so I could relax a bit but time went by and at 9:00 we headed out. We got on the MetroBus 17+ stops, then got off and took a different bus 4 stops. When we got off we arrived at the wonderful place of Six Flags Amusement Park. As soon as we got inside we got on the biggest coaster in all of Six Flags; Superman The Ultimate Escape. It was so nice being able to hang out and have a day of fun! During the rides I got really nauscious which wasn't good because I really enjoy the rides but it's not fun when you don't feel good and I felt really bad because I  stopped my uncle and I from going on so much more rides, but I don't know if I could handle having ride after ride. So we sort of compromised and figured out something to do in between each ride. For example: we watched two shows; one was a dolphin show, and the other was this light show with people dancing on stage in all black but there clothes were lit up, so it looked like the clothes were flying and it was the "invisible man." Another thing we did was play games and I even won a cool hat with a fish on top that looks like it's eating your head.
 I had so much fun at Six Flags today! I am so thankful I have an awesome uncle and one who will spoil me and take me to awesome things like this. When we headed home we went to the grocery store to pick up stuff for dinner and of course after a long nice sunny day it decides to pour while we are in the store. We did not have any umbrella and I had a lot of stuff that I did not want to get wet, and to top it off I was wearing a tank top so it was freezing. So my uncle made me go ask for a bag in spanish to the cashier even though I didn't want to because the way he told me to do it seemed impolite. Even though apparently saying "una bolsa porafavor" Isn't impolite. In english I would say "may I please get a bag?" Not "a bag please" anyways it worked out okay and we ran home. Then we ate and I started blogging.

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