Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2nd of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #7:
  Well I am very tired right now and I am going to go to bed soon so this is going to be one of my shorter blogs. Today started off a bit earlier and it was the first day that my uncle hasn't said in the morning "I thought you were dead." So that was good, when I woke up we walked to the laundry store to go get our clothes washed. After that we took the metrobus to the University and went to eat breakfeast at a place in the plaza across the street from the University. It was very good I got pancakes that tasted almost perfect because they were a little dry. The pancakes were very good though. After Spanish class we did the Theater of The Oppressed in the streets and we created a situation of domestic violence and let people come over and move our bodies the way they thought it should be. It was very interesting to see because many people as they walked by I heard them laughing and joking about it. So that was very interesting because in the U.S it isn't really a laughing matter and is usually taken very serious. Many people did not want to move us too, which I could understand because some people don't feel very comfortable doing that kind of thing but it can be quite sad. After that I hung out with Jose and we talked to some people we met in spanish (well he did I kind of just said what I knew) and they are learning english so it was very cool kind of like a smaller, less crowded and less loud language exchange like on monday. When we left from that we were pretty hungry so Jose and I went to go eat at the mall. It was very fun and cool to be able to get to know him better and talk to someone in the Immersion program. He is a really cool and nice guy and I really enjoyed conversing with him.

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