Thursday, July 24, 2014

24 of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #29:
  Today started off with me waking up at around 8:17. We didn't have any breakfast ingredients so my uncle couldn't make his delicious breakfast. So we left the house about 15 minutes later. We didn't have time to stop and sit down to have breakfast so we just went to Mcdonalds because it's fast. After I got my breakfast we headed to school for my final spanish class. It was a lot fun and I am going to miss it a lot. I really enjoyed my professor's style of teaching and I learned so much from him. Now it isn't as hard to converse with people, so I learned a lot! I am pretty excited to take it again in the fall though because I have a new spanish teacher, so I am hoping I will be able to learn a lot from her. After spanish class my uncle had to give a final exam so I went to Vania's office and she gave me some work to do. I had to go over to the garage where all of the wet folders were (because when it flooded all of the folders got drenched with water) lying on the ground open, set to dry. So what I did was I got all of the folders that were dry and put them in a box. After I got all the dry ones I had to get more wet folders  from a box, and set them out to dry. Then when all of that was finished I had to take the box of folders upstairs and organize them alphabetically. In between that I had other things to do as well, but when I finished my uncle finished about 10-15 minutes after. So I was able to go to his office where Deb was as well. We let my uncle work so we went to go get Ice cream. Here the Ice cream is more icey then I would like it to be but it still tasted good. After Ice cream we walked back and waited for Monte. When he arrived we went out to brunch at this restaurant. It was a french themed restaurant that served breakfast and lunch all day. It was really good I got french toast and even though it wasn't as good as my uncles french toast it was still alright.
  When we got back my uncle worked for awhile longer and then he left to take someone to an appointment while I stayed and waited for Briana. While I was waiting I talked to a couple of my friends, hung out alone, and played on my phone, it was nice. When Briana's class got over we went to go play soccer. We took the metro to this park that was like an indoor soccer court but outdoors and on cement. It lookes like the picture but it was a rectangle, on cement, and the walls were fences It was really cool! While I was there I met a lot of her friends and had to speak in spanish to all of them but one because he wanted to practice his english. 
It was a lot of fun and I did alright even though I was a little rusty and I was playing with some older, really skilled guys, and older, really skilled girl. I had a good time though and was really happy I got to play. When I arrived home I started packing for Zacatecas and now I am finishing writing and ready to go to bed.

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