Friday, July 18, 2014

18th of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #23:
  This morning I woke up a little late because I went to bed really late. My uncle had to go to a meeting so I went to the school a little after he left. I wasn't able to eat anything so he gave me money to go eat something. I wasn't really nervous to take the MetroBus because I take it every day for three stops. So I was used to it. The thing that was kind of scary was having to get breakfast on my own talking to people and deciding what to eat. So I just went to the 7-11 type store next to the school and I got a thing of donuts. After that I headed to spanish and learned more on what to call family members. I knew most of them already but I did learn new words like how to say the "In-Law" terms. After spanish class I finished cleaning my uncles drawers. Then I got really bored because my other jobs weren't really working out very well. So I started to make a family tree of our family which took a very long time and I still didn't get to finish. Hopefully next time I will be able to finish it because our family is very large. I probably would have been able to finish it but we left work early so we could go and clean the house for the guests that would come later tonight. It didn't take us too long because we tried to keep the house as clean as possible all week. During the cleaning we got kind of hungry so after we finished, and then relaxed for about twenty minutes, we went to go eat Cuban food. We both ordered the most traditional food in Cuba. I can't remember the name of it but it had beef, beans, rice, and banana chips. It was very delicious even when we put the peppers on it, it still tasted very good.
  Soon after we finished the guests started arriving for our Venezuela night. It consisted of good food made by Kettie and Yeilson. There were four courses of dining. It first started off with this type of dough bread, and there was beans and one kind of cheese. Then for the second part a new kind of cheese was added as well as beef. For the third part fried bananas were added to put into it. Before we had dessert Yeilson talked about how it is in Venezuela. He talked about how much crime and violence there is there and he started to become very sad because it hurt him to have to tell us all the negative things about the country where he is from when he really loves his country. He also talked about good things as well, like how there are many beautiful people there and how much friendship is important to the Venezuelan people. After his discussion we had dessert. For dessert we ate this really good flan. As well as a delicious Passion fruit drink. While we ate our dessert we watched this movie called Hermano
 I don't really want to say anything about the movie because I feel like it is such a powerful movie and if I say too much I will spoil it but it was a very depressing movie. It had a lot of crime in it and Yeilson told us that the crime in Venezuela is much worse then what we saw in the movie. It was very sad to me and I felt like I could put myself in the main characters shoes and understand how he felt.

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