Wednesday, July 30, 2014

30th of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #35:
  This morning I woke up and had breakfast at the same place we ate lunch yesterday. Yesterday for lunch Monte got some waffles and they looked pretty good, so we decided to get those for breakfast. They ended up pretty good but I don't really like the syrup here because it tastes more like honey. Now that I think about it I don't think it was maple syrup that's why I didn't like it. That makes so much more sense now. Anyways after breakfast we headed in to the van to take off to the Museum of Mummies. When we got there it looked pretty huge and so we got inside and watched a bit of a short film, then we headed in to the exhibit. While I was in there it was pretty messed up because a lot of these bodies were dug up. 
So their bodies did not Rest In Peace. They were dug up from their graves and a lot of them were dug up around the 70's so not too long ago. It is really sad because the rule back then was that you had to pay an up-keep fee and if you didn't your body was dug up. It is really horrific that people would do such things. I understand donating your body to science but when it is taken out without your permission that is really messed up. The museum also had a couple of baby skeletons which was really a sad sight to see. I don't understand how someone could do that especially to an infant. They also had one fetus skeleton that was super small and you had to look through a magnifying glass. Overall the museum was interesting but also messed up in my perspective, because I know that sort of thing may be popular in Mexico especially with things like day of the dead, but I don't understand how someone could dig up another persons body. Wouldn't you want your body to be treated well and peacefully when you die? Why can't people be more respectful.
  After that museum we dropped off Susan and my uncle back in town and then headed to the Cristo Rey. The Cristo Rey is a statue near Guanajuato of Christ. It is quite large and can be seen from a while away. It is sort of like the statue in Brazil but probably not as big, he is standing in a different position with two angels to his sides, and it is up on top of a mountain where you drive to (I am not sure if you can drive to the statue in Brazil, I would think you have to walk a lot of the way.) 
It was really a beautiful statue and the view from the top of the mountain was amazing. It was most definitely worth the hour drive there and hour drive back. When we got back to town my uncle was being an extra in a short film. It was pretty cool for him because he will be in a film in the festival for 5 seconds and have his name listed in the credits so that's cool. Even though after I figured out that I use the same equipment as them and same programs for editing (sometimes better programs.) It is still cool for him though! Later that night we went to go have our final dinner on the road together. It was really nice because we conversed the whole time but the food wasn't that great so it would have been extra better if the food would have been awesome. I shared some fried shrimp and a hawaiian pizza with Dr. David. He liked the pizza but I wasn't a huge fan because the crust was too thin. Oh well though I will just need to get some good pizza when I get home.
   As dinner came to an end we kind of all went our separate ways around town. It was fun I got to talk a lot so that was nice and there was a lot of chaos between finding people but in the end it was good. I talked to Miranda a lot while we looked for her sister and Cindy. Then we found my uncle and I went off with him so it was good.

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