Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #9:
  Road Trip Day! Today we took our first trip to Malinalco. It was a pretty good drive here. It only took us about an hour and forty five minutes. We took a big van that seated 17 people it was really nice and pretty comfortable even though it was full. We stopped off at this little town called Chalma where we learned about the warriors who came there on their path to training at Malinalco. They would go cleanse themselves at a sacred tree and fast in the cave nearby. We all washed our hands in the sacred water from the tree and then we put on our flower crowns and danced with moraccas! After the dancing we got back in the van and headed to Malinalco and checked into our hotel, that had an amazing view from the porch area by the pool and little park. When we got there a few of us walked down to a restaurant to watch the Colombia game. It was a really upsetting game with Colombia losing 2-1. Now Colombia is out and I have no team to really cheer for in the World Cup.

 For dinner we went out to eat at this place called El Encuentro. It was very delicious it started off with our entrada or entree which was a potato salad, then we moved on to la sopas or the soups and my uncle ordered me a creamed carrot soup which wasn't that great but I managed. For the main course I had this meal called chiles en nogada. It was a big chile covered in this walnut cream that kind of tatsted like yogurt with pomegranates on top. In the middle it also had different kinds of fruits and meat , and for dessert I had fresa ice cream (strawberry ice cream.) After dinner me and Monse played with Leticia's adorable children while the profesors had a presentation type thing with the students. After that Vania and Rocio walked us back to the hotel and we played on the little park and I put my feet in the pool.

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