Friday, July 11, 2014

12th of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #16:
  Well my perfect bloggin each day award has now been broken. I wish I would have been able to get home a bit earlier but I took too long. Even though it's only a couple minutes it is still late :( 
Anyways today was a very fun eventful day. I woke up and we went and had fruit smoothies and fruit salad for breakfast because my uncle wasn't able to go grocery shopping until later today. Then I went to spanish class and after that me and a few of the gang went to Chapultepec park. We started off with eating a little and looking at things to buy and then we came across a Lucha Libre mask stand and we were going tonight so we thought we should buy one. So we did and we were ripped off 5 pesos each because the guy saw a whole bunch of people from the U.S who don't think to bargain. After that we saw these amazing aerial type dancers who do a ritual where they play music and go up the top of a pole and they glide down spinning very slowly (attached to rope.) It was very neat and it made me kind of sick just looking at them being upside down for so long. It was a very peaceful dance and was really cool to see. We then headed in to the Museum of Anthropology. I saw so many things there it was really amazing. I learned all about the Mayans, a little about the Aztecs, Oaxaca, Teotihuacan, many different things it was crazy full of information.
 One thing that I enjoyed was this game of ball that was played with your hips and you have to hit the ball through theses two rings on the side. It was very interesting to learn about. When we were done with the museum everyone except Tania and I went home. We walked to the zoo across the street and saw not very many animals either because they were hiding or sleeping or many other reasons. It was kind of a sad zoo that was very dirty and the animals didn't look like they were well fed. They also looked like they weren't taken care. Maybe a few times a week but rarely. We then headed to the paddle boats but you paddled with your feet like pedals on a bike. It was fun and we went around the whole lake. It was a lot of fun hanging out with Tania she is really cool and hilarious. So we had a good day so far, then we headed home and ate. 

After that we all met up to go to Lucha Libre. It was so much fun and was pretty much just like WWE except in spanish and a lot of the people were swearing at them. It was an awesome experience to have and I really hope I get to go again.

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