Monday, July 28, 2014

28th of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #33:
  Today was the second part of our final travels. It started off with me waking up late again for some weird reason. Even though the night before I set an alarm but apparently it didn't work. When I got up I went straight to breakfast really tired. After that we headed on the van to go to the mines. When we got there the workers gave us hard helmets to go in the mine. In the mines it was really cool because they had a rocks and minerals museum and even a place that is a dance club on the weekends. Which is really interesting because it's all underground where you take a little train to go through the tunnel. After seeing that we went to the other side and got to explore the mine. They told us all about how the transformation of mining came about with gear, technology, as well as the reason for mining. Even though it was in spanish I still could understand some of what they were saying. After the mines we went to the van to head out for a 4 hour ride to Guanajuato. The ride felt so much longer than when we had our 8 hour long trip to Zacatecas from Mexico City. I am not sure why but it did feel like it took like a long time. 
  When we arrived we headed to our hotel room and then my uncle, Vania, Monte, and I headed out to go find a place to eat for the group dinner. After 30 minutes of searching we found a really good restaurant. So we headed back to the hotel and I was able to work on my project for the end of the immersion program and then we headed back out to go eat. I ordered for the first time since I got to Mexico, an American hamburger. It was actually pretty good. During dinner we talked and discussed about Zacatecas. After dinner the students, Miranda, Sofia, and I went out to go walk around the town. We saw many different things like jewelry, ice cream shops, dessert places, music, and a lot of artists. After that we ended up hanging out at this outdoor restaurant and then went to the hotel to type.

Sorry for the short entry today was not very eventful.

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