Sunday, July 13, 2014

13th of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #18:
  Aguas! Is what I hear when walking up the pyramids. Today as you could infer we went to the Pyramids and I heard Aguas! because that is what is said when you need to look out. The origin is from when they used a chamber pot to go to the bathroom and when they were done they would throw it out the window and yell "Aguas!" To warn anyone around. Anyways back to the pyramids. Today before we headed out my uncle had me wear a shirt that said "Who Would Jesus Deport?" Kind of like they saying What Would Jesus Do? This was more about prompting dialogue and that's what he wanted me to do. He wanted to see who would ask me about my shirt and see if I could start a conversation with them. If any of the students asked about it I would say "Yeah it's actually a Freriean dialogue prompt" and then to tease them a little I would say "You know who Paulo Freire is, don't you? Then if they wanted to I would start a dialogue with them. (Nobody started dialogue with me though). If we would have been talking I would probably mention NAFTA making U.S companies coming into countries and taking over the family-owned businesses so then those people can't afford to live anymore because they have lost all they had. And how they are forced to immigrate where they can get enough money to support their families.
 We arrived at Teotihuacan (the pyramids) around noon and walked all around it was a really spectacular sight to see. It amazes me how these were made over 2,000 years ago. The detail and architecture is spectacular. The design is also so amazing for their time and it is still able to stand over 2,000 years later. It was really cool being able to walk up the sun and moon pyramid. It was so huge! I was able to see so far around from the sun pyramid and it was beautiful. I was so happy to be able to experience this huge, amazing, historic piece of land. After the pyramids we headed to eat at this place called La Gruta it was this restaurant that was in a cave. During our meal these people were dancing around and going on stage throwing fire. They did a couple cool different dances and eventually the males asked a few girls to come up and dance and the females asked a few males to come up and dance. I was one of those males and it was really fun we were all in a circle dancing and cheering. After that I watched the World Cup final where Germany took home the cup. It was so awesome because I knew Germany was gonna win from the start so it made me really happy!

Grandpa I did write this on my own!

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