Tuesday, July 29, 2014

29th of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #34:
  Today I woke up and my uncle wasn't in the room so I assumed he was out and would be back soon. So I got ready for the day; brushed my teeth, took a shower, got dressed, and when I was done he still wasn't there so I walked downstairs to go look for him. By the time I was at the second staircase he came up so it was perfect timing. As soon as I saw him we went to our room and he put his backpack down and then we were off to go eat breakfast. For breakfast I had some delicious crepes with Nutella. They were really good besides the fact that they were kind of soggy but still good. After breakfast we headed back to the hotel to get everyone for our walking tour. We went to many different places, first we went to Museo Iconográfico del Quijote. The museum was a bunch of art pieces all on this fictional character named Don Quijote. This was probably my most favorite place because I love art and it made me really wanna read this book about him. Some of the art pieces were amazing and so original, they were made of all different materials. Some were 3-D, some were 2-D, some were sculptures, some were (what looked like) ceramic arts, some were paintings, etc. It was so amazing that they would have a whole museum on one fictional character that wasn't even based in Guanajuato, because in Oregon they have a little thing on Ramona & Beezus but that was based in Oregon so it's very different.
  We also visited many other places like the Teatro Juárez which is set up with a red carpet and everything because they are having an international film festival going on starting tomorrow. I am super excited for that because we might get to go see a movie tomorrow so that will be fun! I love film so much so I am super happy that I am going to be with a whole bunch of filmmakers. I hope I get to talk to some because that will be cool. We  also visited places like: the Basílica, Monumento a la paz, palace legislativo, and more. One place we went to was the most important building in Guanajuato. The name of it was Museo Regional De Guanajuato ALHÓNDIGA DE GRANADITAS. It is the most important building because the spaniards came in and cut off the heads of 4 important leaders; Aldema, Jiemenez, Hidalgo, Allede. Hidalgo was a Jesuit priest in a catholic church. Allede was a captain of the spanish army in Mexico. Aldama was a Mexican revolutionary rebel soldier during the Mexican war of Independence. Jiménez was a Mexican engineer and rebel officer active at the beginning of the Mexican war of independence. After they killed them and cut their heads off they hung their heads on the corners of he buildings to show the power they had. Another reason it is the most important building is because El Pipila went there because the Spaniards were in there trying to hold their position until more reinforcement troops came, but El Pepila came with a large stone on his back as a shield to the bullets from the spaniards and he took some tar and lit the door on fire and burned the door down so the insurgents could go through and attack. El Pepilo was the first mexican hero of the revolution so they honor him with a large statue which we also went to visit today.
  When we were done a few hours later we went to go eat and went on another tour called Callajones. It was really neat because they gave us these tea cup type things that we drink juice out of while we walked. During the walk the leaders were dressed up in court gesture outfits and they danced and made jokes and sang. It was really funny because they would always pick on my gringo uncle to make him do stuff. If I had a girlfriend it would have been really romantic so I was happy for the people who were together. It was really beautiful and nice and apparently funny. I didn't understand most of it because they spoke too fast but in the end it was okay. After that we headed back and I started to blog and talked to my mom who decided to tag-along with my uncle in embarrassing me.

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