Sunday, July 27, 2014

27th of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #32:
  Last night my blog froze while I was trying to choose images to add to it. It froze because the wi-fi at this hotel is terrible and it had a "time-out." We didn't want to go to the lobby where the wi-fi was "better" because it was almost 1:00 am. So we just decided to leave it to this morning. After getting ready and going to breakfast early I got the laptop and tried it in the lobby. I was having a really hard time getting it to work and so my uncle tried and what we eventually had to do was refresh the page. After that happened one-fourth of my blog entry was gone and it only saved one paragraph. It was really annoying because I had such a good day yesterday and I wrote so much. So it was really frustrating to have all of that disappear. So I think after this entry I will try to finish the other one. It will probably not be as long or as good as when I wrote it yesterday though. 
  Anyways after that we headed to a museum. It was pretty big and had a lot of art but wasn't specifically an art museum it was more about Zacatecas in general. I got to see the machines they used to make money and such. So I thought that was really interesting because I think currencies and how money is created is really interesting. When we were done with the museum my uncle and I got a huge lollipop and snacks. The lollipop was so good though even though I didn't eat very much. When we were finished with that we headed to these ruins. When we got there we went in to the little museum that had a movie and had a little exhibit type thing that showed how much trash was left on the mountain so they asked not to leave trash. The ruin first had a lot of steps and was very tall but when I got up the first part it was such a beautiful view. So I thought why not go up even more and I ended up running up the whole mountain.
When I got to the top it was one of the most amazing sights I have seen. I could see out for miles and miles and it made it even better because I felt really high up. It was also really cool because the clouds didn't seem very high up and I love the clouds with a blue sky so I was very pleased to see the sky much closer up.
  A little after I got up Sarah got up and we went off to a different part of the mountain where there was more ruins. It was so beautiful because it was up a little hill that we had to climb and it was just a beautiful place to be. I enjoyed it probably a bit more than the pyramids which is saying a lot because the pyramids are amazing. After the ruins  we headed back on our 30 minute trip back to the city. I actually enjoyed this car ride though so it was not that bad. Hopefully I will enjoy our 3 hour ride to Guanajuato. After the ride back we went to a parade of the international dance festival. So a whole bunch of people from different countries came to show a traditional dance from their country. My favorite countries were probably Colombia (of course) and the Netherlands because when they came by people were chanting "no era penal"

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