Wednesday, July 9, 2014

9th of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #14:
  Today for spanish class we went on a field trip to El Morro churrería. It was this really good churro place by the Seguros LatinoAmerica (the second tallest building in Mexico.) We took the Metro there and when we got there we could already smell and see all the delicious churros all over. So how it works is you order a chocolate drink and then you get churros and you are able to dip your churros in the drink. The kinds of drinks they had were Especial (bitter), Francés (regular), Mexicano (sweet), Español (very, very sweet) We all tried to order something different so we could taste the others and I ordered the Español y 4 churros. It was so good the churros had very strong sugar and cinnamon and it was very delightful. It hit the spot every time I ate one until the last few because I had eaten too much junk in one sitting. 

When we headed back the students and professors had a class type thing so Quinn and Briella and I played with play-doh, drew, and watched videos. It was fun and they are so adorable. When they got back we went to eat at this place called Italiano's and they had really good fettucini Alfredo it was almost as good as my moms home cooking. While we were there we watched the Argentina vs Netherlands game and weren't really cheering for Argentina to win we just wanted to see the Netherlands lose. We wanted Arjen Robben to have to feel the misery the Mexican players had to feel because of his flop. During halftime we headed home because we thought why are we sitting here in this uncomfortable chair, where we can't boo with passion at Robben every time he comes on the screen, when at home we have a nice couch to lay on and we can scream at him all we want.

 So that was nice but we ended up falling asleep because it got really boring until the penalty kicks where Argentina won it and is going to the championship against Germany! We are now super happy and hope Brazil crushes Netherlands in the consolation game too. Later in the night we went to go eat with Dr. David/Hoskins and went to have tacos at our favorite taco place. When we were done we went over to uncle Jason's friends Kettie house. She is from Venezuela and is really nice and cool. Since I didn't learn anything new today he told me to learn two new things about Venezuela so we asked her boyfriend and he  said that number 1. The women are very beautiful. Which was a funny/great answer and number 2. Mostly everyone their is very friendly and friendship is thought of very highly there. So today was a good day and I didn't have as much work. I hope I can have more days like this!

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