Tuesday, July 22, 2014

22nd of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #27:
  Today started off as a normal day. We got up and got ready for the day. We had breakfast and then I went to spanish. After spanish class I was exhausted so I went to my uncles office and then just laid on the floor. Later I got bored so I played on my phone and I ended up talking to a few of my friends and then I Skyped my friend Tatsuya and we talked for a while so it was good! I was talking to my other friend Evan who has also been in pittsburgh for a long time doing a summer dance intensive. Him and I have very similar feelings about going home. We both want to go home because we love Oregon and it is our homes but where we are has grown on us. With Mexico I am going to miss it a lot not only because I won't be with my uncle but also because I love the culture here and the city is amazing. I feel like it will be very weird going back home because I have seen and felt things that are very different here than in Oregon. So I am very nervous going back home because I don't want to have a huge culture shock. 
  After talking to my friends, Leticia and Quinn and Briella arrived to campus. So went to eat lunch with them. We went all the way back home to have some Colombian food which was pretty good. Even though it was kind of like a breakfast because it had egg, rice, beans, sausage, pork/bacon type thing, and bread. To drink this time I got a soda called Colombiana and it was so much better than the Pony Malto (in my opinion). 
  After lunch we went all the way back to work and then finished some stuff and went back home. As soon as we got home my uncle put on some new clothes for a picture re-creation. I think it turned out pretty good (picture will be shown in a future blog.) When we finished that a little while later we went to this restaurant called "El Ocho." It was really cool.  They had board games and music and books/magazines and even had this really cool table that we sat at where you can play games on it. It was really cool because all you had to do was touch the table for it to work and they had games like foosball, pong, space invaders, and a few others. It was awesome! After we had a great time there it was time to say goodbye to three people that really helped me along this trip: Leticia, Briella, and Quinn. I had such a great time with the kids whenever I would get to look after them and Leticia has always been so kind. She went exercising with me and was just always there to help out. She also got me and my uncle a donut all the time in the mornings which was super nice of her. She was so kind and before she left she got me a gift which was an Interns Emergency Kit. It was sad to say goodbye but I hope I will get the chance to see them again soon.

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