Saturday, July 12, 2014

12th of July, 2014
Intern Shareef's Blog #17:
  Today was a very exhausting non-active kind of day. It started off with my uncle saying to me 
"I thought you might be getting a little homesick so I made you a breakfast that you usually have" which was a muffin. It was really good, and made me really happy. We then headed to the University and picked up Quinn and Briella while Leticia was teaching. When we got the kids we headed back home and they just relaxed for a couple hours and then after a little while we went to the movie theater and watched How To Train Your Dragon 2. We watched it in spanish but the kids didn't really care and it was all the same to them. It was pretty good but my head kinda hurt after because I didn't really understand what they were saying but it was all good. Then we had to head all the way back home because we forgot their stuff. So we did and then headed back to the campus and got ice cream after. We tried a whole bunch of different kinds like avocado and cactus but I ended up getting cookies and cream and coconut. It was really good! For the rest of the day my uncle and I were pretty exhausted so we ended up just watching a whole bunch of youtube videos, sand, talked, and ate. This is probably one of my shortest blog entries but not much happened today.

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